Welcome to Provet Cloud REST API’s documentation!

Provet Cloud veterinary practice management system can be integrated with third-party systems using tools called REST API and webhooks. This article describes the usage of these integration methodologies.

Webhooks are available in Provet Cloud to send notifications to third-party systems about additions or changes in the data inside Provet Cloud. The webhooks don’t transfer the actual changed data, but instead, they transfer the information about what has changed by simply notifying the third-party system about the change. The actual data can be then fetched by the third-party system by utilising the REST API of Provet Cloud.

REST API is a communication method to access, edit or add to the data residing in Provet Cloud programmatically by any third-party systems. Provet Cloud’s REST API offers most of the key Provet Cloud data to be read or manipulated by other systems.

The combination of Provet Cloud webhooks & REST API creates unique possibilities to build integrated solutions. Any vendor of other systems familiar with these technologies can easily integrate with the data residing in the Provet Cloud veterinary practice management system by utilising these technologies.

Nordhealth offers consultancy to assist with the usage of the REST API & webhooks. We can also build customised adaptors to process or format the data to more traditional transfer formats such as XML, ASCII, or CSV files.

Provet Cloud provides the REST API for enabling access to the data stored in Provet Cloud. The API uses HTTP requests with authentication headers. The data is returned in the JSON format.